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  • 4 Mar 2019 7:34 PM
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    For Muslims in an extreme freedom society where alcohol, sex and marijuana are permissible, and other drugs are readily available, it’s very hard to avoid the peer pressure in all settings, at school at work or in social gathering.
    When I was in high school the peer pressure was very high to try cigarettes, come on just one puff, my friend said, one puff led to another then a cigarette followed another until I became a full-fledged chimney for 21 years. I quit. In 1991.
    Being in this society is very hard for teens and adults to avoid everyday pressures not to do the things that our religion forbids us to do, and it is even harder for parents to educate their children the good virtues. 
    Here, it is an unending fight to stop or just delay the decay.
    There are two very important things that you can do to help your children be the best that you want them to be.
    One is to be an example, the hero of your children.
    The other is to involve them with activities and friends that you approve of while they are young, because once they reach their teens you loose control to other influences.
    And finally, there is one thing that will stop a person from doing a bad thing, which is you should always remember that God, Allah is watching. 
    Teach your children that Allah is always watching them and watching over them.
    Think Mount of Olives Association, only together we can achieve.

    Walid Abul-hawa

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